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Solar Energy Riskopolis with Pinpoints

Property & Inland Marine has a focused solution for your insured.  From solar array installation to contractor’s equipment for your trade contractors, such as plumbers, roofers, and HVAC contractors, we’ve got your insureds covered.

Learn more about what Property & Inland Marine has to offer for your specialty trade contractors.

  1. Solar Array: Our Clean & Green Solar Energy Coverage Form provides protection for installation contractors or property owners of commercial and solar arrays. Learn more from our Solar Energy flyer.
  2. Roofer: Our Installation Floater Coverage Form provides protection for those specialty trades including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors. Coverage is available for specific jobs or on a blanket basis. Learn more from our Installation Floater flyer.
  3. Contractors Equipment: Our Contractor’s Equipment Coverage Form provides protection for your specialty trade and building contractor’s tools and equipment.  Whether your contractor has a schedule of equipment, leased/rented equipment or miscellaneous tools, our Contractor’s Equipment product has them covered. Learn more from our Contractor’s Equipment flyer.
  4. Dry Cleaner/Appliance Repair Shop: Our Bailees Coverage Form provides protection for business-to-business operations, covering your insured’s responsibility for loss to their customer’s property, or your insured’s appliance repair shop operations for loss to property of their retail clients. Learn more from our Bailees flyer.

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