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Every year, the insurance industry pays out billions of dollars in water damage claims. While natural disasters catch most headlines, it’s water leaks and frozen pipes that can ultimately become quite costly. With advancements in sensor technology, we now have the ability to help our insureds mitigate losses. Great American Property & Inland Marine has worked with HSB Connected Technologies to launch a new program that can provide peace of mind to our insureds.  Using IoT technology, property owners can be alerted to the presence of water or dangerously low room temperatures. Early warning can translate into savings.  In the fall, one insured’s water sensor signaled a level 4 alert caused by a leaking hot water heater at a hotel property. The sensor alert saved the customer over $14,000.

What sets our program apart?

  • The HSB system is different from many off-the-shelf systems. First, the system uses the cellular network, not Wi-Fi, making the system more secure. Unlike systems that depend on Wi-Fi, if the power goes out, the gateway will run on a battery and continue to transmit information.
  • The system also comes with monitored support 24 X 7 X 365. The alerts are sent via SMS and email. If severe, a phone call is made. Users can also use an online portal or the HSB iSensor app to check connectivity, view battery levels and view sensor readings.
  • The system includes a gateway and sensors. All equipment is designed for easy activation, but insureds can rely on the expertise of Great American Loss Control to assist in setting up the system.

Review a few examples of how sensor technology has saved businesses

  • On 10/12/20 – Our insured water sensor signaled a level 4 alert caused by the pool pump. The sensor alert notified the customer that their pool pump needs servicing or replaced.
  • On 9/3/2020 – Insured was notified by the temperature sensor which signaled level 3 higher temperatures near a freezer. The sensor alert notified the customer that the freezer door was left open. The alert saved $6,969 in potential food loss.

The program is included in the cost of your policy. If you would like to learn more, check out our various materials below:

Please contact Tammy Lemperle for additional information.

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