Have you ever considered who protects the people, places and businesses that create a thriving community? Have you ever considered how individuals can protect and grow their financial future?

That's where we come in - our employees can tell you how they make a difference each and every day.

At Great American Insurance Group, you’ll be part of helping individuals and businesses secure a healthy financial future.

In our Property & Casualty Group, you’ll find specialty businesses that insure things like:

  • Casinos
  • Race horses in the Kentucky Derby
  • Millions of acres of crops
  • A major league baseball team
  • Non-profit organizations such as zoos, daycare facilities, and community centers

In our Annuity Group, you’ll help individuals simplify their path to financial security with annuities that offer:

  • Financial protection and wealth accumulation
  • Lifetime income
  • Tax-deferred growth