From hurricanes to floods, tornadoes and more, a natural disaster can occur when a business least expects it. While the timing can be unpredictable, there are some steps you can take to help prepare your business for recovery with these safety resources.

Use Safety Committees to Help Reduce Losses and Costs

Safety committees can play an effective role in any organizational risk management effort.

Help Your Community Stay Protected With a Storm Response Plan

Use this document to assist your community association in developing a plan to mitigate the damage caused by storms as well as to protect people and property.

Help Protect Your Community from Civil Unrest

Adequate planning and execution can help protect life and property during times of civil unrest.

Why You Should Be Listening To Your Safety Manager

If your organizational safety manager is not actively involved, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to help protect your assets and control your insurance expenses.

Quarterly Fire Safety Equipment Checklist

Building alarm and suppression systems should be inspected by a certified third party on an annual basis. Use this form to record the inspection of the building’s fire protection equipment.

Stay Safe When Using Portable Heaters

When using a portable heater, carefully follow these guidelines to help prevent a fire.

Operational Change Management Checklist

Resiliency and adaptability are necessities in today’s quickly evolving world.

Preserve Your Fire Protection System From Frozen Pipes

Cold temperatures can cause the freezing of water in sprinkler system piping, which can create a serious impairment of a building’s fire protection system. This checklist provides information on methods to help prevent the freezing of systems and precautions to reduce the risk of fire if a system freezes.

Inspect Your Farm for Fire Safety

This checklist will help you prevent fire on your farm and help keep fire under control. Mark each question with “yes” or “no”. Questions which receive “no” answers indicate potential danger spots which need prompt attention–and correction. INSPECT your farm yourself–TODAY!

Continuity of Operations Planning

How quickly a company can recover after an emergency often depends on pre-emergency planning. Learn more about how to implement a Continuity of Operations Plan at your organization.

Rental Housing Safety Checklist

Owning a rental property can be a risky business. Whether the air conditioner breaks or the plumbing malfunctions, landlords need to expect the unexpected.

Post-Flood Fire Safety Checklist

Vapors from flammable liquids, gasses, organic dusts and fibers present a serious potential for fire and/or explosion.

Hurricane Cleanup and Recovery

Avoiding Dangers Associated with Cleanup and Recovery from Hurricanes is accomplished by adhering to appropriate safety measures.

What Should You Do If a Wildfire Threatens?

If you are warned that a wildfire is threatening your area, listen to your radio for reports and evacuation information. Follow the instructions of local officials. You should also warn others of the threat and alert them to the possibility of evacuation.

Tornado Safety

Almost all injuries and property damage attributed to tornadoes are caused by violent winds, not by drops in atmospheric pressure.

Thwart Injuries and Property Damage this Winter by Taking Preventative Measures

Protect your employees, clients, volunteers and property this winter by taking precautionary measures to reduce the likelihood of damage caused by common winter hazards such as freezing pipes or icy parking lots.

How Spending a Few Dollars Can Save Thousands

How Equipment Breakdown insurance enhances your clients’ Property coverage.

Portable Generator Safety

Portable generators can be not only a convenience but a necessity during a power outage. However, portable generators can also be dangerous if used incorrectly.

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