Great American Carrier APIs

Please contact your business representative to learn more about what divisions and products are available.

  • A workflow API that interacts with other Great American Carrier Services, providing an easy-to-follow process to submit/quote new business
  • Send a new business submission to an internal Policy Administration System
  • Includes the ability to update, retrieve and bind submissions

  • Retrieve information about products sold by Great American Insurance Group
  • Get a list of valid class codes, categories, program codes or policy symbols
  • Get a list of questions and send answers to determine if an insured fits your risk appetite and/or eligibility

  • Send risk data, including classes and coverage information to receive either a pricing indication or a quote
  • Retrieve detailed tax information and documents
  • Search, attach and print policy related forms

  • Process straight through transactions, such as new business policies and enrollment into master policies
  • Generate a new and unique policy number
  • Generate a new and unique customer number
  • Retrieve the latest policy mod and version for a subsequent transaction
  • Retrieve policy, enrollment, or quote information from various internal policy administration systems

  • Send and store documents, such as policy and claims documents, in our electronic content management system
  • Perform business functions related to billing, including payments, accounts and producers

  • An API which gives our business partners the ability to securely send data to us in json, xml, pdf, or any binary format
  • Subsequent workflows may be triggered after ingestion
  • Validate full address information
  • Produces eligibility data for catastrophes (such as Convective Wind, Earthquake, Hurricane Wind, and Terrorism) based on Zip Code
  • Produces crime scores for a given address
  • Generates risk score for catastrophes (such as Wildfire and Flood) based on address
  • Returns Non-Profit organization information for a given Keyword
  • Retrieve Motor Carrier data for a given DOT number
  • Generate a printable quote letter or the data used to create the quote letter
  • Returns user/producer data
  • Submit contract data
  • Includes the ability to retrieve or search for contracts
  • Store data related to a potential business deal
  • Includes the ability to retrieve, update and search for Opportunities
  • Manage notification preferences related to claims
  • Send chat widget transcript and session data
  • Send a risk report related to claims

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Please contact your business representative to learn more about what divisions and products are available.