Commercial Vehicle Insurance: expanded asset protection

Protecting your leased or financed commercial-titled vehicles is easy with Vehicle Insurance Protection. This program operates in the same manner as Automatic Insurance or @Request. It provides physical damage coverage for your customer’s leased and financed commercial vehicles under a Master Policy* issued to your business, thus waiving the requirement for the customer to obtain insurance. This is in exchange for a Program Charge paid by the customer which can include an administrative fee to generate revenue for your business. The policy covers collision and comprehensive losses to enrolled vehicles but does not provide liability coverage to the insured.

An easy way to

  • Ensure customers’ compliance with the insurance requirement of the lease or finance contract
  • Avoid funding delays caused by waiting on customers’ proof of insurance
  • Earn fee income for your business
  • Have peace of mind knowing that asset protection under your Master Policy* is often broader than coverage under a standard policy obtained by your customer

*Your customer is not an insured, additional insured or third party beneficiary under the Master Policy

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