The equipment is built and buyers are ready.

Now let Specialty Equipment’s custom-designed programs and online systems provide immediate coverage to your buyers so you can close the sale.

Equipment Physical Damage Programs

Available for cash purchase, finance, and lease transactions, types of programs include:

  • Point-of-Sale protection offered at finance origination.
  • Machine Tool Operator Error insures physical damage to a machine tool resulting from an operator’s programming error.

Lessor’s Single Interest Liability

Optional single-interest liability coverage is also available to leasing companies to help protect them in the event they are named in a liability suit involving a lessee’s use of leased equipment.

Commercial Vehicle Program

Commercial Vehicle Property Insurance protects the insured against uninsured physical loss or damage to financed commercial-titled vehicles. The policy covers collision and comprehensive losses but does not provide liability coverage.

Quote & Enroll

Ensuring proper insurance coverage is important to you and your customers. Our Quote & Enroll Team is only a phone call away to help navigate the insurance requirements of the finance transaction. This team of fully-licensed insurance agents is available to help you and your customers before, during, and after the deal.