At Great American, we recognize the challenges that professionals of all kinds face in various lines of work. Whether your clients are operating at a warehouse, waste management facility, or construction site, exposures can result in extensive clean-up costs and legal expenses.

Let us help reveal these hidden risks! Great American Environmental’s Riskopolis Series uses an interactive, illustrative platform to provide examples of the variety of exposures, specific to your client’s operations, that may be financially threatening to businesses.

Take a look at the lurking dangers – are your clients protected from the exposures depicted below?

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We know the unique challenges that farm professionals of all kinds face in their line of work. Whether it is a chemical overspray or leaking aboveground storage tank, agriculture operation may pose an array of environmental exposures. The Agriculture Riskopolis showcases some of the environmental risks that could be detrimental to your clients’ businesses.

Are environmental risks ‘sealed’ after a business is officially ‘open’? The answer is no. business interruption incidents may occur, resulting in costly remedial action and temporary shutdowns. Are you clients protected?

Regardless of where you reside in the world, chances are you may experience some degree of severe weather or a natural disaster event. These events have the potential to generate long-term environmental harm, incur costs, delay construction and cause liability for redevelopment project and site owners. Are your clients protected?

While all redevelopment projects have the potential to uncover risks, using a brownfield site for an infrastructure expansion or development project can unveil additional contaminants related to past operations. Are your clients protected from these lurking environmental dangers?

Take a look at the lurking dangers contractors may face - are your customers protected from exposures like these?

There are many potential risks utility contractors specializing in sewer, gas and electrical operations face in their line of work. Are your contractors clients protected from these lurking environmental dangers?

Can you spot the 10 environmental risks hiding in this multipurpose building?​ Take a look at the lurking dangers and make sure your customers are protected.

Take a look at the lurking dangers in Riskopolis - are your customers protected from all the exposures?

The logistics industry poses many hazards. Whether at the warehouse or through transportation management, there are countless environmental concerns that require proper coverage. Are your warehouse clients protected against these environmental dangers that could be lurking?​

Can you spot the environmental risks hiding in the scene below? Take a closer look at each one by clicking on the numbers.​

Be on the lookout for upcoming Riskopolis featuring new scenarios that may affect your clients!