YELLOW AND GRAY: A Resilient Combination for 2021

Pantone Color of the Year 2021

National Color Day provides an opportunity to learn about Pantone’s Color of the Year 2021. For the first time since Pantone started picking the Color of the Year in 2000, they have selected a combination of two colors. This year, the Pantone Colors of the Year are Illuminating (PANTONE 17- 5404) and Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 13-0647). So why has Pantone given us this combination rather than a single selection? When first announced, it seemed obvious that 2021 would be far too complex to assign a single color to represent it. However, Pantone’s explanation is more interesting than it first seemed. According to Pantone, they wanted two colors that supported each other. When placed together, these colors are not rivals. They are each enhanced by a seemingly very different partner.

Ultimate Gray is a straightforward, stony shade of gray. It represents strength and stability like the marble steps of a church or a university library.

Illuminating is a bright, attractive yellow. It represents the aspiration and hope for bright things ahead.

Together these optimistic colors are a standout. One might feel they suggest a clean slate from which to start over. However, life and business do not usually provide a clean slate. I see a message of resilience in the colors. Even in challenging situations, if we have strength, stability, hope and light, we will eventually move forward to successful outcomes.

Great American Insurance Group has been helping our clients build resilience into their lives and business for over 100 years and it continues today.

I thank Pantone for looking out at the world with a unique perspective and finding an optimistic message. I hope you will see more Illuminating and Ultimate Gray (together) in your own life.

Andrew Gristina – Director, Fine Art: Fidelity / Crime Division

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