A Trip Down Memory Lane: My, How Things Have Changed.

When I began my claims career in 1981, we did not have many of the luxuries we have today. As a field adjuster, with no cell phones, I relied on phone booths, making sure I had change and hoping the phone actually worked. If I was fortunate enough to be in the area of one of our agents, I would stop in to say hello and make a few calls. After a long day on the road, investigating claims, taking recorded statements, scene photos, or attending mediations, I would then spend the evening handwriting all my notes for each claim file. With no email, everything was sent and received via the post office. Oh, did I mention getting lost many times since there was no such thing as Google Maps?!

Still, there is something to be said about the “good old days”! In today's world, everything is at our fingertips, with so much technology that you can lose that personal connection. I am not a technology or social media junkie, and I enjoyed speaking with people either in person or by telephone to help them understand what was going to happen in the type of claim I was working on.

As my 40-plus years in claims comes to an end, I will be handing the reins off to Illona Berecz, who is succeeding me as Equine Mortality’s Divisional Vice President of Claims, and I will ride off into the sunset content, knowing I did have an impact on many people during my career. I know that the personal touch of the “good old days” will always remain just that, a personal connection to our insureds. 

Kathy Coyne
Divisional Vice President - Claims,

Equine Mortality

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