Brownfield Redevelopment Riskopolis: Weather-Triggering Incidents

Redevelopment can be tricky! Through it all our Environmentalville crew has hurdled numerous exposures from groundwater contamination to encountering unknown storage tanks. And even more potential dangers prevail! Did you know adverse weather-related occurrences may also trigger environmental incidents during the construction process?

Regardless of where you reside in the world, chances are you may experience some degree of severe weather or a natural disaster event. Windstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods all have the potential to generate long-term environmental harm, incur costs, delay construction and cause liability for redevelopment project and site owners. Whether it is heavy rains or other types of construction delays, our crew continues to encounter all sorts of challenges!

Are your clients protected from these lurking environmental dangers? Take a closer look at each one by clicking on the numbers!

Want to see scenarios 1-6 featuring redevelopment exposures? Check them out here!

Brownfield Redevelopment Riskopolis Scenarios 1-6

While all redevelopment projects have the potential to uncover risks, using a brownfield site for an infrastructure expansion or development project can unveil additional contaminants related to past operations. Are your clients protected from these lurking environmental dangers?

Riskopolis icon building with rain

7. A retail store which was being built on top of an established underground parking garage was in the path of a severe hurricane. As a result of the heavy rains, the lowest level of the parking garage was completely flooded. The flooding caused a backup of sewage as well as gasoline and other automotive fluids released from vehicles left in the garage during the storm. Clean-up was required for both the petroleum impacts and the sewage.

Riskopolis icon restaurant

8. The Environmentalville crew was building a barber shop for the new shopping plaza. After framing had begun and before the building envelope could be completed, a series of rainstorms affected the area. Over the course of several months, rain fell on the site numerous times per week and mold developed throughout the project. Not only were they not able to complete the building envelope, but dry-out became difficult. The mold spread throughout the structure, impacting additional building materials. Construction delays set the plaza development date back.

Riskopolis icon rain on roof

9. During a particularly heavy storm, rainwater gathered in a puddle on the roof of a newly constructed general store. Due to a clogged drain, the water level rose higher than the installed protective flashing and entered the drywall behind store shelves. Over time, mold began to grow in the obscured area and was not discovered until odors were noticed by the Environmentalville crew, leading to a costly clean-up.

Riskopolis icon high winds

10. A general contractor on the Environmentalville crew hired a roofing subcontractor to install a roof on a new plaza building. After the roof was installed by the subcontractor, a tornado swept through the area, partially lifting the roof from the building. The exposed roof allowed for water intrusion which developed into a mold condition on parts of the building’s new interior. Investigation revealed that the roofing contractor negligently installed the roof tie downs. The roofing contractor did not have insurance coverage, so the general contractor was held liable for damages.

Riskopolis icon building waste

11. A utility contractor, was hired to install natural gas lines as part of the plaza development project. The utility contractor left a trench open over the weekend. Heavy rains washed away erosion controls, allowing soil and sediments to be released from the trench and into the adjacent bay. The contractor was subsequently fined by a regulatory agency for the discharge and natural resource damage resulting from the release.

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Brownfield Riskopolis

Are environmental risks ‘sealed’ after a business is officially ‘open’? The answer is no. business interruption incidents may occur, resulting in costly remedial action and temporary shutdowns. Are you clients protected?

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