Winter Storm Elliott and How to Prepare for Future Winter Storms

Winter Storm Warning

Winter Storm Elliott packed a punch at the end of 2022. With sub-zero temperatures, high winds, ice and snow, millions of businesses suffered through power outages, frozen pipes and other storm damage. Impacting 42 states, analysts estimate the storm will cost the commercial insurance industry over $2 billion.

To prepare for winter weather, property owners should take precautionary steps and procedures necessary to help protect their property. These steps include, but are not limited to, winterizing buildings, preserving fire protection systems from frozen pipes, and preventing furnace fires. Check out the resources listed below that can help identify and address potential workplace exposures before accidents happen, assisting in protecting from potential risk.

Although steps can be taken to help prevent risks, damages can still happen. How quickly a company can recover after an emergency often depends on pre-emergency planning. Management pre-planning improves the likelihood that the company will survive and recover.

Learn more about Continuity of Operations Planning from the help of our Loss Control team!

Life is full of uncertainties. While not all types of losses are preventable, many can be mitigated through proactive action. At Great American, not only do we take loss control seriously, we try to make it easier for our customers to operate in a safer environment. Visit our Loss Control Safety Hub for additional safety tips!

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