Wildfire Safety - Knowing When To Leave

wildfire in foret above homes

When a wildfire threatens, it’s critical to know when to evacuate the area safely. Be vigilant and stay informed through the following channels.

Government Notifications

Most wildfire notices are issued by government offices to inform the public when it is necessary to leave. These notices are issued online and can often be heard on the radio through emergency alerts. Particularly during wildfire season, be sure to stay tuned into these types of updates and alerts.

InciWeb – Incident Information System

InciWeb allows organizations to view information about emerging and ongoing fires. The website is updated daily and includes the following:

  • Incident contacts
  • US Forest Service Unit contacts
  • Announcements and daily updates
  • Closures
  • Interactive evacuation maps
  • Community meeting times
  • Acreage of the fire
  • Containment percentage
  • Projections and outlooks
  • Current weather forecast

Emergency Alert Systems and Visual Checks

Many devices, such as mobile phones, have built-in emergency alert systems. Make sure they are enabled to receive Local, State, and Federal alerts.

On occasion, alert systems may not be up to date with the current situations. It is important for organizations to do their own checks to make sure that they are staying safe. Perform visual checks outside of your building and notify local governments of a situation that is progressing. If you feel that you are in danger, evacuate immediately and follow evacuation and business continuity plans.

Wildfires: Plan. Protect. Respond.


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