In 2020, wildfires consumed more land than the state of Maryland and eight other US states.

A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire that burns in the wildland vegetation. Wildfires can burn in forests, grasslands, savannas and other ecosystems, and can become very large in total acres. They are not limited to a particular continent or environment.

Global climate change has caused the increased intensity and frequency of wildfires. With rising average temperatures and increased droughts, wildfire risks are most prominent in the Western part of the country. When they occur, firefighters work to minimize damage and save the properties that have the best chance of survival.

Wildfires require an enhanced degree of awareness. To do your best to protect your organization and employees, it’s imperative to be prepared by forming a comprehensive response plan in the case of a wildfire. Great American provides specialized services to help reduce loss potential, loss costs and control unsafe acts and conditions related to wildfires.


Wildfire Safety - Knowing When To Leave

When a wildfire threatens, it’s critical to know when to evacuate the area safely. Be vigilant and stay informed.

Knowing How And When To Return

An important part of your response plan is the approach you take to return to your business, keeping safety the top priority for all employees and stakeholders.

Continuity of Operations Planning

How quickly a company can recover after an emergency often depends on pre-emergency planning. Learn more about how to implement a Continuity of Operations Plan at your organization.


Assessing the overall premises of your business including building zones, construction and grounds can help you identify and address areas of concern before it’s too late. Use these checklists to help protect your business from a wildfire threat.


In the Moment: Your Emergency Response Plan

Having an emergency response plan so everyone in your organization is aware of what needs to happen in case of a wildfire is critical to help keep your business and employees safe.

At Great American, not only do we take loss control seriously, we try to make it easier for our customers to operate in a safer environment. From thermal imaging, various training sessions, and educational information such as our Safety Topics, we provide specialized services to reduce loss potential, loss costs, and control unsafe acts and conditions.

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