Every year over 8,000 drownings take place across the United States. Of those unintentional drownings, 3,960 were fatal, averaging 11 deaths a day.1

What is drowning?

Drowning is the process of experiencing respiratory impairment from submersion or immersion in liquid.

The results of drownings are typically:

  • Fatal. Drowning results in death.
  • Non-Fatal. A person survives a drowning incident with a range of outcomes ranging from no injuries to very serious injuries or permanent disability.

Organizations with water facilities such as pools, lakes or other activities have a duty to care for the safety of all swimmers and participants. The safety of all swimmers and participants should be independent of the size facility and provide a high level of care. Water safety can be implemented in layers and can be applied in multiple ways, such as:

  • Understand the risks associated with aquatic activities.
  • Ensure lifeguards are certified and have the level of training needed to assist swimmers.
  • Provide an adequate number of lifeguards for activities.
  • Properly maintaining the pool and surrounding facilities.
  • Educating swimmers about pool safety rules and emergency information.
  • Identify swimmer skillsets and implement protections around unskilled or nonswimmers.

The following information provides important considerations for water facilities along with tools that your organization can utilize within an existing aquatic safety program.

1According to the Centers for Disease Control.


Help Prepare Your Property for Pool Season

It’s important to properly inspect your aquatics facility and reorient lifeguards so that they are prepared for the season. Use our pool opening checklist to help get your facility back up and running safely.

Help Save Lives by Choosing the Right Life Jackets

Life jackets help decrease the risk of drowning and other water casualties. Learn more about how your organization’s need for life jackets can depend on the type of operations you conduct.

Help Protect Your Organization With Clear Pool Signage

Hot tubs, pools and other swimming areas have different risks associated with them. Having clear signage posted and visible in appropriate locations can help prevent accidents, injury or even death.

Understand the Risk of Aquatic Inflatables

Commercial water inflatables and lake-based swimming pose a possible drowning risk. These tips can help you take corrective action right away.


How Lifeguard Certification and Training Can Help Mitigate Pool Risk

Lifeguards are the first line of defense in protecting swimmers. They should be trained and certified by a reputable organization to ensure their ability to rescue swimmers.

Are Pool Chemicals Safe?

Pool chemicals are needed to treat your pool water and create a safe environment to swim. However, if not handled cautiously, your employees or facility could be at risk. Help prevent chemical mishaps by following these guidelines.

Help Swimmers Stay Safe with Swim Tests

Taking the time to administer swim tests and implement a swim band system can help create a safe environment for swimmers of all ages and experience levels.


How Dangerous is Lightning to Swimmers?

Lightning can be random and unpredictable. Whether your facility is indoors or outdoors, your organization should have swimming safety procedures in place when lightning strikes are nearby.

Help Train Lifeguards With Scanning Drills

Scanning drills make certain your staff understands how to recognize a swimmer in danger. Learn how conducting a drop drill can help ensure your lifeguards are prepared to take action if needed.

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