Discover Great American APIs

You’ve made an investment in technology to manage your agency’s business. You expect data from your carriers to integrate into your platforms. We understand this and want to work with you to streamline your business.

Streamline Connectivity

Simplify the way you do business with us by integrating our APIs.

Digital Enablement

Provide insurance functions through our APIs to do business digitally.

Easy Onboarding

Discovery Session

  • Understand producer needs and/or interface (demo)
  • Review our current API offerings
  • Discuss any producer-specific requests or needs for new services

Business Specification and Requirements

  • Deep dive assessment of available key services
  • Review business requirements, including product, classes, coverages, rates and forms
  • Provide clarity on timeline, roles and next steps

Development Engagement

  • Develop required features and test outcomes within established timeline
  • Continue collaborative and consistent communication to facilitate delivery

Delivery and Support Discussion

  • Conduct user acceptance testing with sign-off from both parties before official release
  • Ensure issued policy information is persisted
  • Define support plan for testing or future production issues

About Great American APIs

What is an API?
API stands for "Application Programming Interface.” In general terms, it is a set of commands, functions and protocols that programmers can use when building software. APIs are the enablers of digital business.
More specifically, we are referring to a type of API, known as a “web API,” which are programmatic interfaces for exposing resources to consuming applications in a request-response manner. They are typically expressed in JSON or XML, follow REST standards, and are exposed over HTTP.

Contact the Digital Relationship Team

Please contact your business representative to learn more about what divisions and products are available.