How safe are your small business clients?

If hackers are capable of cyber attacks on major corporations and the government, think about how easily they could attack your small business clients.

A primary cyber risk insurance policy should be the first policy to respond to your client’s cyber incident. Whether it’s a first party loss or a liability claim, many typical package policies do not cover activities associated with a cyber-related event.

Great news! The Risk e-Business Cyber Loss & Liability Insurance Policy℠ is now available for surplus lines. It's cyber coverage made simple - our 10-page form has just 2 insuring agreements and only 13 exclusions. Look for our new admitted product coming soon!

Our admitted cyber risk insurance product offers eight separate insuring agreements that can be purchased in any combination. This is an ISO product that Great American has developed and made numerous proprietary enhancements to, and is well-suited for your small business clientele.

Our surplus lines cyber risk insurance product packages all the traditional cyber risk coverages into two insuring agreements, first party and third party. These limits can be shared or purchased separately. Optional coverages include social engineering and contingent disruption.