Great American’s Property & Casualty Mexico Division provides insurance solutions for a wide range of businesses - from an office building to a modern manufacturing plant.

  Product Brochure (Spanish)

Business Policy Package

Well-suited for the commercial, industrial and services sectors, this single policy package offers comprehensive coverage including fire, liability, machinery and equipment, and specific coverage for glass and theft of cash.

  General Terms (Spanish)

Fire and Allied Lines

This coverage includes comprehensive insurance against fire and business interruption, earthquake and/or volcanic eruption, hurricane and flood, for different types of commercial and industrial activities.


Liability Insurance offers coverage for third party liability damages to property and bodily injury for which the policyholder may be legally responsible, resulting from the use of real estate owned by, or lawfully in the policyholder's possession, from his operation or from goods he manufactures.

Engineering Risks

Engineering insurance, also known as technical trade insurance, is intended to cover investments in machinery and equipment from the time of installation, assembly or construction, and, if necessary, during operation. This includes comprehensive coverage for construction and erection, machinery and boiler, and contractors' equipment and electronic equipment.

Cargo Transportation

Insurance for the transportation of goods and machinery, which covers loss and/or damage to insured goods during transport, whether by sea, land and/or air. Contracted coverage can be on a yearly, monthly or per shipment basis and can be extended to include international import and export shipments.


Specialized insurance products for all types of businesses, designed to protect commercial and industrial operations, including coverage against theft by violence and/or assault, theft of money and valuables, and accidental glass and neon sign breakage.

Home Owners

Home Owners Insurance, offers in a single policy package a comprehensive protection as an owner, tenant or lessee, through a combination of multiple coverages, including fire, liability, electronic equipment and household appliances, and other risks, such as content and cash theft, and glass.

*The insurance products described herein are marketed by El Águila, Compañía de Seguros, S.A. de C.V., an insurance company duly authorized in accordance with the Law of Insurance and Surety Companies. The Great American Insurance Group logo and the wordmarks Great American® and Great American Insurance Group® are registered service marks of Great American Insurance Company.

**Please refer to the actual insurance policy for a full description of applicable terms, conditions, limits and exclusions.