Innovative Markets develops financial assurance and insurance solutions tailored for complex and emerging ecological restoration and conservation risks and programs.

  • Ecological – concerned with the relationship between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment
  • Restoration – the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed through human activity and/or climate change
  • Conservation – protecting natural resources through planned management to prevent wasteful use, destruction or neglect and to support sustainable recreational use

Compensatory Mitigation Financial Assurance

Compensatory mitigation is a requirement under the Clean Water Act stipulating that unavoidable adverse impact to wetlands resulting from development must be offset by an equal positive impact. The offsetting positive impact is derived from projects that restore, establish, enhance, and preserve wetlands, streams and other aquatic resources.

We underwrite specialized, multiyear performance bonds that meet the project-specific financial assurance requirements of federal and state regulators for wetland, stream and nutrient buffer projects. Supported project types include:

  • Mitigation Banks
  • Permittee-Responsible Mitigation
  • In-Lieu Fee

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