Innovative Markets develops and supports first-of-kind insurance programs for complex, intellectual property-related risks.

Patent Infringement Defense Expense Insurance

The RPX Insurance Services program offers a variety of specialized policies for manufacturers, sellers and users of technology and includes expert litigation support services. Coverage can be extended to indemnify customers and include infringement defense coverage for other intellectual property. Custom insurance programs are also available for venture capital and private equity portfolios. For inquiries, please contact Roberta Aufranc, Senior Director at RPX Insurance Services.

Lender Intellectual Property Collateral Protection Insurance

The PIUS program enables growing technology and intellectual property-rich firms to access cost-effective, non-dilutive capital by leveraging their intellectual property as collateral. This program is for high-growth companies with a minimum annual revenue of $5 million. For inquiries, please contact Amelia Erickson, Director at PIUS Limited.

Do you have a complex or emerging intellectual property risk?