What is railroad protective liability insurance?

Who it covers: The railroad from liability it incurs because of the work of contractors on or near the railroad right-of-way. This covers the railroad entity when it comes to physical damage to the railroad's property. It does not cover the contractor.

What it covers: The railroad's liability for both bodily injury and property damage to third parties, and for damage to property owned by, or leased to, the railroad.

What it doesn't cover: The RRP policy cannot replace a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy, as it does not cover all the contractor's activities or operations. It covers only ongoing operations at a specific job location designated in the policy's declarations page. Completed operations are not covered.

Jobsite and Policy Period: The coverage is project-specific, and the policy period spans from the project start to end date.

Limits: Typically $2M / $6M is requested though additional limits are available on a case-by-case basis for an additional premium charge.

Underwriting Considerations

  • Signed and completed RRP application
  • Must be construction related
  • CGL limits for the contractor must be at least $1M / $2M and total limits carried (CGL + Excess/Umbrella) must be greater than or equal to the total limits requested.
  • Single projects only

Automatic Declinations

Work or operations involving any of the following exposures will not be considered:

  • NY based projects
  • Any work specifically performed for the railroad or to property owned or directly maintained or managed by the railroad (e.g. railroad contractors)
  • Use of explosives or fireworks
  • Use of asbestos
  • Underground construction such as subways or mines
  • Work in existing: refineries, chemical plants, mills, or grain elevators
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Remodeling/renovation in habitational building
  • Residential projects
  • Oil field operations
  • Under water construction (including boats and floating platforms)

Related Products

This coverage is often bought together with Owners and Contractors Protective Liability.