There are a lot of risks on the road. Your truck could be damaged in an accident or from fire, hail or other natural disasters. It could be stolen or vandalized. Any of these issues could put your truck out of commission.

Our Truck Physical Damage coverage offers 24-hour collision coverage for damages to your tractor or trailer. Our flexible trucking insurance policies allow you to build a policy for your unique needs.

  • Collision and either specified perils or comprehensive coverage
  • A range of deductible options
  • A variety of endorsements, including TruXpro® and Deductible Buyback
    • TruXpro can protect your personal items, equipment and finances. With TruXpro, drivers receive Diminishing Deductible, Single Deductible, Downtime/Rental Reimbursement, Personal Effects, Electronic Equipment and Tarps, Chains and Binders.
    • Deductible Buyback can pay deductibles on behalf of the driver. The low monthly fee offsets a potentially costly settlement for the driver, and the Motor Carrier can feel comfortable knowing there is a financing source for payment of a covered loss.

Included in your Trucking Physical Damage insurance policy:

Rig Ready®

With our trucking insurance, you'll have access to our signature Rig Ready repair service at no additional charge. Our Rig Ready program gets drivers back on the road an average of five days faster than through a typical claims process.


Our Trucking Physical Damage policy also includes the following at no additional charge:

  • Storage - You may not have to pay for storage charges for a covered vehicle and loss.
  • Loan Gap coverage - There may be a difference between the actual cash value and the amount still owed on a truck at the time of loss. This helps fill that gap.
  • Federal Excise Tax on new (owned) vehicles - If the loss occurs within one year of the date of purchase, we reimburse Federal Excise Tax.