Wildfires and Oily Rags Safety Tips

Life is full of uncertainties. While not all types of loss are preventable, many can be mitigated through proactive action. Great American’s team of Loss Control experts builds on years of experience to help businesses prepare for and stay protected from different types of loss.

From various training sessions, and educational information such as our Safety Topics, we provide specialized services to help reduce loss potential, loss costs, and control unsafe acts and conditions.


Wildfires require an enhanced degree of awareness. To do your best to protect your organization and employees, it’s imperative to be prepared by forming a comprehensive response plan in the case of a wildfire.

Oily Rags

Many materials are prone to spontaneous ignition such as linseed oil, oil-based paints and stains, varnishes and polyurethane, and paint thinners. Oily rags have a long history of being a source of fire because people are not aware that they have the ability to spontaneously combust and catch on fire.

Not only do we take loss control seriously, but we try to make it easier for our customers to operate in a safer environment. Visit our Loss Control Safety Hub for additional safety tips!

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