The Price of Theft in Nonprofit Organizations

Infographic for The Price of Theft in Nonprofit Organizations

Even in small nonprofits, cases of employee theft can be massive. Organizations lose up to 5% of their annual revenue to fraud with the median loss to nonprofits being $90,000!

Nonprofits work hard to earn the trust of board members, donors and the community. Learning the warning signs and taking preventative measures can help ensure an organization can avoid cases of theft and continue to carry out their missions.

Learn the facts and warning signs to help prevent theft in your organization.

Protecting Your Mission

Nonprofit, human and social service organizations work to fill the unique needs of the communities they serve, which often present varied and highly complex risks. Our team of experts understands the specialized needs of these organizations and can provide custom solutions to help mitigate risk and protect their noble endeavors. Contact our team at Specialty Human Services to learn more.