We have drawn upon our unique experience with oil pollution incidents to create a policy covering cleanup expenses for on-water spills. Coverage for fines and penalties are included.

Our Oil Pollution Cleanup Coverage is designed for the Brownwater Industry and is primarily intended to cover vessel owner responsibilities under OPA 90 and CERCLA for discharge or potential discharge of oil from bunkering spills and grounding or sinking.


  • OPA
  • Non-OPA
  • Fines and Penalties
  • State Fines and Penalties
  • Alaska COFR
  • Non-CERCLA
  • Criminal Defense
  • California COFR

Cost Containment

We are prepared to minimize losses by providing the right amount of response.

Our professional spill management team responds with the most effective cleanup plan for each event.

Superior Claims Service

Our claim team is committed to providing superior claim service.

Spill Management

Our emergency management team is ready on a 24-hour basis to manage and contain hazardous material spills.

Control of Fines & Penalties

One of the largest causes of fines and penalties is the failure to properly report an incident.

When a spill is reported to us, we will advise you of the proper spill notification procedures for the location of the event

To Activate a Spill Claim Response

Great American's Ocean Marine Response Team's 24-hour toll-free claim number is:

(1 877 427 3228)