If your clients are mid-size or larger companies selling on credit terms, or financial institutions financing international sales of products and services, we invite you to obtain a credit insurance quote from FCIA. Our target corporate customers have at least one credit or financial professional on staff managing accounts receivable. Our target financial institution customers are trade finance specialists seeking to lessen their risk concentrations or cross-border exposures.

Why Work with FCIA?

We don't compete with you

FCIA is a dedicated broker market and accepts business from independent brokers. We don't have a captive or direct sales force, and we don't compete with our brokers, so your client relationships are safe with us.

We offer you reliable sales support

Our business development and underwriting personnel will gladly visit your clients and prospects with you in support of your marketing and sales efforts. We offer a willingness to listen to a client's unique needs and work with you to provide the appropriate coverage.

We pay fair and consistent commissions

Our rates are competitive with other insurers and we don't play favorites. Each broker has the same opportunity to earn commission under our published commission schedule.

We are committed to quality service and customer satisfaction

Our professional staff will provide personal service as well as clear and consistent communication. You will have:

  • Direct consultation with experienced underwriters on quotes and buyer limits
  • Solid turn-around times plus willingness to expedite any special requests
  • Clear policy wordings that make it easy for you to advise your insureds
  • Commitment to work with you in customizing policies and endorsements for your client
  • Our pledge to constantly listen and adjust to changing market needs

Online policy management

To help manage your accounts we provide web-based access for both you and your clients to policy information and documents, buyer limits and pending applications, plus premiums and claims detail. We also make this information available to lenders named as loss payees when the insured authorizes the lender's access. Learn more about accessing your policy.

We invite you to contact our Business Development Officer with your inquiries at [email protected].