Our Reputation and Track Record

Since 1961, the Foreign Credit Insurance Association and FCIA have provided top quality insurance products and service to our customers. We have serviced our insureds through many political and financial crises around the world including the recent global financial crises in 2007-2008. Other instances include problems that affected entire regions of Latin America and Asia, as well as specific country events in Kuwait, Russia, Venezuela, and Mexico. We have also continued consistent underwriting through numerous economic downturns in the developed world. We have managed our risks and paid significant claims over these 50+ years, demonstrating that we are a reliable trade credit insurance partner.

At the peak of the crisis in 2008-2009, FCIA remained steadfast with existing coverages and never stopped writing new business. As a result, FCIA's brand is recognized for its continuity and reliability in the credit insurance market.


We don't try to be everything to everyone because we want to be the best at what we do! We target our products towards companies and financial institutions that are looking for a risk-sharing partner. Our target customers have the capability to assess credit risk, but are looking for coverage on their more important credit exposures, against unanticipated country problems and against loss amounts that exceed their usual loss level.

Underwriting Expertise

The underwriting process involves much more than an application for coverage and a decision by the insurer. Complicated transactions and higher risk credits may require a dialogue between you and the underwriter. FCIA's underwriting staff is always accessible to discuss your requests or explore coverage possibilities on difficult transactions. Our many years of underwriting experience equip us to respond knowledgeably to your needs, work with you to understand a specific risk, or customize policy language.

Quality Service

FCIA is organized to provide quality service. Each of our customers is assigned to a team of 2-3 experienced underwriters, who handle all aspects of your relationship with FCIA. The team knows your account because they have been involved in the quoting, buyer underwriting and policy renewal activities. The unique aspects of your policy structure and history with us are considered as we address your requests. We provide you with access to your policy information online, including new or increased credit limits approved on your customers. You also have access to our Vice President of Country Analysis if you have questions on country issues and to our Vice President for Claims/Recoveries if you require assistance with delinquent debtors.

Broad Product Line

We have a wide range of products for companies and financial institutions that cover multiple types of transaction structures. To this we add our clear policy wordings and flexible approach to tailoring coverages to satisfy specific customer needs. View our full product offerings.

Transparent Cost

With FCIA there are no extra costs or fees. Unlike some credit insurers, we do not charge additional fees for underwriting credit limits or for in-house collection of bad debts - 100% of the cost of an FCIA insurance program is in the premium charge. Don't forget to add up all charges when comparing costs in the marketplace.


We understand that an insurer's reputation for handling claims is an important part of the purchase decision. FCIA's trade credit professionals have been adjusting and paying claims for over 50 years and value our longstanding reputation for handling claims fairly and timely. Learn more about our Claims Handling.


Take advantage of our unparalleled expertise in collecting delinquent obligations! While most companies have credit/collections departments, they usually don't have specialized expertise in collecting amounts owed by uncooperative debtors. Dealing with debtors that hide behind excuses or their debtor-friendly legal system is an everyday activity for us. We have helped our customers collect millions of dollars for their own account related to coinsurance, deductibles and amounts in excess of their approved limit.