A Message from Divisional President, Michael Csorba


Welcome to 2021! I don’t ever recall such a collective feeling of wanting to say good-bye to a year mostly due to so many challenges including a global pandemic, 30 named storms, a Derecho, wildfires, civil unrest, canceled trips/events, masks and social distancing.

As the expression says… “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” the Great American Ocean Marine team did just that by making 2020 a record year all while working from home for nearly 10 months.

Our team recently shared their silver linings and with a staff of 80 there were many common responses like more time …with family, to cook, to exercise and just slow down. There were also more serious comments like being thankful for good health, employment and providing an essential service to the maritime community.

We are thankful for the continued support of our producers and the faith put in us by our insureds.

We appreciate the benefits of Microsoft Teams however we are looking forward to connecting in-person as soon as we can in a safe manner.

Thank you for All the Great You Do,

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