vQuip is Helping to Improve Rental Boat Operations

Great American is excited to announce a new relationship with vQuip, a groundbreaking safety and risk management MGA that marries user-friendly watercraft rental loss control technology for marinas with a short-term insurance product for their watercraft renters. vQuip’s app will help marina’s offer insurance to the renter, while also providing on-premises check-in, safety briefings, digital document signatures, pre-trip equipment photos and GPS tracking with geo-fencing go/no-go zones.

Watercraft rental businesses are naturally exposed to the behavior of their renters - a risk outside the control of the marina that can impact a marina operator’s insurance premium. vQuip’s proprietary data shows that marinas utilizing their platform experience a meaningful reduction in the number of renter incidents versus market standard. This is largely driven by the vQuip onboarding and launch training that is tailored to each individual marina. This training ensures dockhands and renters both know the risks they could encounter on the water before the rental begins.

If an insured is utilizing the vQuip app, Great American will offer a 10% credit to the insured’s rental boat liability premium as it’s transferring some of the risk back to the renter. The app will also be beneficial if an accident happens, as it has several necessary claims documents stored in one place.

For rental boat risks we already insure, you will receive a one-page marketing sheet with your renewal quote but please let us know if you are already utilizing vQuip for your discount.

If you’d like additional information, please reach out to your local underwriter or one of us at:

Rodney Matteson
Divisional Vice President
[email protected]

Leah Reitz
Midwest Manager
[email protected]

You can also visit vQuip’s website at www.vquip.com or email them at: [email protected].

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