Employee Spotlight

Chuck Colby, Production Underwriting Manager for the Ocean Marine office in Seattle was recently featured in a prominent local newspaper and on the Great American internal website for his prolific blood donations throughout the past 30 years. To be more specific Chuck, through the process of donating platelets has given over 1,600 pints of blood during this time which equates to over 200 gallons!

He has taken the recent attention due to this amazing accomplishment in stride. "There is no better feeling in the world than being able to help to save the lives of total strangers," explained Chuck. "I get major endorphins after doing an exercise workout, but they are miniscule compared to how I feel after two hours of the donation process, knowing that I am about to save lives or help give life with my blood. Anyone who is healthy enough to donate, I really encourage you to do so!”

If you have not already, please congratulate Chuck on this incredible milestone and please consider giving blood.      

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