Farewell to Chip Downing


Divisional President, Michael Csorba (left) with Chip Downing.

Upon my recent retirement from the Ocean Marine Division of Great American, I was asked to provide a few thoughts as I reflected on the last 27 years I spent with the company. These are framed around stability, which has been a hallmark of the division throughout my Great American career.

Our Products. We are not an in-and-out writer of Ocean Marine products. We don’t have big swings up or down in pricing. Our producers know what we provide: probably the broadest product spread in the market and the knowledge that we’ll be there for them.

Our Producers. The relationships we have formed with firms and individuals within them are long-lasting and mutually beneficial. Many of our newer producers have quickly recognized the advantages of working with us and have become part of our core group. We highly value, and work to maintain, these relationships over the long haul.

Our People. We have a very strong group of underwriters, claims adjusters, service associates and managers. Great American, and particularly this division, is a great place to work. As a result, people tend to be here for a long time. I am far from the longest serving member of the Ocean Marine Division! The long careers and quality of our staff are big parts of the stability aspects of the two previous points. I am proud to have worked with this group and will miss them.

As I look back on my career at Great American, I feel very fortunate to have worked there, to have had valuable external relationships and, most of all, to have been part of the Ocean Marine team.

All the best,

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