Great Wins for the Ocean Marine Division

Line of BusinessAccount Description / Unique featuresRegion
Hull P&I / MOLL / SRLLFishing excursion in Alaska with a fleet of private chartered vessels and a small shipyard. $130k+.  West
Hull P&I / MOLL / XS Port district in Southern California. $50k+West
Builders Risk$3.5M Yacht Builders Risk, $37k+ premium. New businessMid-Atlantic
Hull P&I and PollutionResearch Vessel including Pollution.  GA Lead with 25% ~ $50k+. New business.Southeast
Hull P&I, MCL and PollutionPassenger Excursion Vessel, MCL for the dock, and Pollution – $55,821 new business.Southeast
MCP / MACPremium: $310k+  Complex marina operator in Ontario and long term GA client (9 years).  Write MCP and Property coverage.Canada
Hull and P&IRenewal of 30-year Pilot account $29k+ premium.  Houston
CargoFresh and frozen produce- $150k+ GA following line.  New Bus.Midwest
Builder’s RiskLarge builder’s risk account.  GA share $40k following-line.Northwest
Yacht – Multiple Accounts GA removed Hurricane Ian binding moratorium in non–affected areas, while competitors remained closed including not honoring their outstanding quotes.  Wrote many new accounts.Yacht
CargoNew business, machine tools, $41k in premium.Northeast
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