The Luxury Yacht Intern Experience

The Luxury Yacht Intern Experience

I am honored to share my experience as a summer intern with Great American Ocean Marine division.

In May I began working with the Luxury Yacht group alongside Rick Salway, Sue Cacoilo, Kristen Peña, and Alyssa-Jo Conroy, shortly after graduating from Trinity Hall (an all-girls college preparatory high school). Since then, this group has provided me with insight into the path leading them to their current careers, the advantages of working for a specialty company, and the reach of insurance in our daily life. Through scheduled appointments with GAIG staff in different job functions, reinsurers, and agents, I have been fortunate to learn about other roles within this industry. In addition to the overall introduction, I have been able to shadow the underwriters during their daily work.

Not only has this experience taught me a lot about yacht insurance, but it has taught me a lot about myself and the type of professional I hope to become. At school, instead of tests as finals, we work with small groups on projects. I realized the value of working with others, internally and externally, towards a common goal within the business world. The environment here is very relationship driven, close-knit, and supportive.

My team has had the confidence to assign me independent work enhancing my communication skills. Everyone’s guidance has meant so much to me as I try to navigate possible career choices as I make my way to Sacred Heart University to continue my academic studies in the fall.

I am excited to see where this experience takes me throughout the summer and beyond grateful for the opportunity to work at Great American.

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