Complete Care Connect℠: Tailored, comprehensive insurance solutions for modern healthcare providers, seamlessly covering miscellaneous in-person and telehealth organizations with robust, customizable protection.

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Complete Care Connect: Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Telehealth and Medical Professionals

  • Medical Professional Liability Insurance (MPL) - Bodily injury arising from healthcare services and system failure; automatic coverage for physicians and other medical practitioners. Coverage for HIPAA-related incidents available.
  • Sexual and Physical Misconduct or Abuse: Coverage for claims arising from sexual or physical misconduct or abuse in the course of professional services.
  • General Liability (GL): Coverage for general premises liability, medical expense payments, tenant’s liability, and more.
  • Products and Completed Operations Liability: Products failing to perform; coverage for tangible property that has been manufactured, distributed or installed by the insured.
  • Media Liability: Coverage for claims arising from media content, such as defamation or invasion of privacy.
  • Technology Errors & Omissions (E&O)/Tech Products: Technology errors and omissions; coverage for supply, development, installation and maintenance of technology used in healthcare. Affirmative coverage for bodily injury.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Comprehensive coverage to meet specific needs of healthcare providers including extortion coverage for ransomware threats; breach response services. Coverage for first-party costs, such as business interruption. Affirmative Bodily Injury Coverage.


  • Limits up to $5 million
  • Physicians included as an Insured
  • Inclusion of independent contractors under coverage
  • Affirmative Bodily Injury Coverage for Cyber and Tech E&O
  • Coverage for regulatory investigations
  • Defense cost coverage for disciplinary actions
  • HIPAA sublimit available
  • Worldwide coverage territory

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