IT Executive at Great American. Volunteer leader in Cincinnati.

Jane Bracken portrait

Jane Bracken, Divisional Senior Vice President, Great American Property & Casualty IT Services

Meet Jane Bracken. When she graduated from high school, she looked for opportunities to volunteer and serve her community. She decided to work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati and started as a big sister. Upon graduation and while her career grew, she continued to give back to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

For more than 30 years, Jane has served several “littles.” She’s also joined the board and has served as the organization’s executive board chair. She does this while leading a successful career at Great American and being active in her three children’s lives. In the office, she is an advocate for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati. Because of her efforts, we have given time and treasure to their “Splash & Dash 5K” and “Over The Edge” events.

“I know this is a cliché because everyone that volunteers says this, but you go in thinking you’re giving back, but you get more in return, to see the difference you make in one kid’s life,” says Jane.

We’re proud of employees like Jane, who share our agents’ passion to do great things together.

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