Caring for seniors and disabled adults can present unique and challenging risks. From general safety tips to addressing neglect or abuse, Great American has resources available to help organizations that serve this community.

Apply Ergonomic Best Practices When Working from Home or on the Road

Employees should apply sound ergonomic principles, even when they are not in a traditional office environment. Whether working at home or while traveling, musculoskeletal injury risk from working at a computer can be reduced with proper posture, good work habits and appropriately adjusted equipment.

Help Prevent Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

Your organization could have a legal responsibility to visitors on their premises. Visitors can include customers, vendors and members of the public and a higher degree of care should be paid when they are on your premises.

Use Safety Committees to Help Reduce Losses and Costs

Safety committees can play an effective role in any organizational risk management effort.

Help Control Noise in Your Workplace

As industrial and infrastructure needs increase, employees will be expected to work around more heavy machinery and construction zones in large cities, which will result in higher noise pollution. Employers should review the ‘Hierarchy of Controls’ established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to reduce employees' exposure to harmful noise.

Protect Your Business with a Violence Prevention Program

Different types of violence can occur in many workplaces. To help prevent workplace violence, management must provide visible support for a violence prevention program and communicate that there is zero tolerance for violence.

Stay Safe When Using Portable Heaters

When using a portable heater, carefully follow these guidelines to help prevent a fire.

Understanding the Risks of 15-Passenger Vans

Make roadways safer by practicing these measures while operating a 15-passenger van.

Ergonomic Hand Tools – Help Prevent Workplace Injuries with Proper Equipment

Each year, hand tools are a significant source of compensable injuries in the workplace. Many of these injuries can be prevented through the use of proper technique and equipment.

Operational Change Management Checklist

Resiliency and adaptability are necessities in today’s quickly evolving world.

Workstation Ergonomics

Anyone who spends much of their time sitting at a computer can feel better and work smarter by following the guidelines of a structured Ergonomic Program.

Ergonomic Control Measures - Standing Work

To reduce physical stress from prolonged standing on the job, ergonomic control measures should be implemented.

Providing a Safe Work From Home Environment

Safety concerns from an office in the home can be addressed through adjustments to lighting, equipment and procedures.

Ergonomic Control Measures - Seated Work

The principle advantage of sitting over standing while at a task is the reduced static loading on postural muscles.

Fire Safety Tips for Older Adults

According to a report by the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), older adults represent one of the highest fire risk populations in the United States. The report, titled “Fire Risks for Older Adults,” identified the following fire safety tips from the USFA for older adults and building owners to enhance fire safety in living units .

5 Tips to Prevent Porch, Deck and Balcony Collapse

If you own or lease a commercial property that has a porch, deck or balcony, there are certain precautions you can take to avoid a tragic accident.

Distracted Driving Kills

Distracted driving accidents are on the rise. While overall vehicle accidents are decreasing, 20% of all injury crashes are related to distracted driving.

Help Your Organization Understand Heroin Addicts’ Potential Lifesaver

In 2019, nearly 50,000 people died from overdoses involving opioids. As opioid abuse increases, public health officials have pushed to make Naloxone more widely available.

Stay Safe During the Holidays

The hectic holiday shopping season means parking lots and stores full of people, which can also bring the increased possibility of theft. Thieves are not just looking to steal newly bought Christmas gifts; they may be out to steal your identity. Consider following these 9 helpful holiday shopping safety tips.

ALICE - Security Action Plan

For too many years the standard response to a violent incident has been to lock down and wait for the authorities to arrive. This leaves people hiding in rooms with no other response. It is time to change our actions.

Mosquito Bite Prevention for Travelers

Mosquitoes spread many types of viruses and parasites that can cause diseases like chikungunya, dengue, Zika, and malaria. If you are traveling to an area where malaria is found, talk to your healthcare provider about malaria prevention medication that may be available.

Legionnaires’ Disease: Minimizing the Risk

Similar to pneumonia, Legionnaires’ disease is a severe infection of the lungs that is not rare. It is perceived as rare only because most cases are never detected, and not all detected cases are reported to public health authorities. Because under-diagnosis and under-reporting make incidence of the disease difficult to estimate, figures have varied widely.

Portable Generator Safety

Portable generators can be not only a convenience but a necessity during a power outage. However, portable generators can also be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Swimming Pools Safety

Each year, over 3,500 people in the United States die by drowning. Many more are injured in pool related accidents.

At Great American, not only do we take loss control seriously, we try to make it easier for our customers to operate in a safer environment. From thermal imaging, various training sessions, and educational information such as our Safety Topics, we provide specialized services to reduce loss potential, loss costs, and control unsafe acts and conditions.

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