ClearOne Equipment Management

Single-source equipment management for efficiencies and savings

ClearOne® Equipment Management is your one source for turn-key, comprehensive management of equipment service requests and for consolidation of contracts. You have one contact point for all your repair and maintenance requests, streamlining processes and reducing time spent. One agreement replaces multiple service contracts to significantly achieve hard-dollar savings on costs and significantly reduce administrative burdens. Typical equipment types include office, security, technology, and financial equipment.

ClearOne helps you accomplish the following:

Many service channels
  • Streamline Service Requests with a customized portal, converting multiple manual steps into a centralized, technology-powered process.
  • Reduce Time Spent initiating, monitoring, managing and documenting vendor response and performance by transferring management of the vendor service event process to us.
  • Replace Multiple Service Contracts with One Multivendor Agreement, significantly reducing the time-drain of perpetual administrative and management burdens.
  • Save Up to 20% on hard-dollar maintenance costs and also realize soft-dollar savings by reducing administrative time spent managing maintenance processes.
  • Control and Expand Vendor Choices by continuing to use your current vendors or choose to use our vetted alternatives.
  • Access Historical Data for optimal program management and customizable transparent reporting with analytics that support budgeting and decision-making.



ClearOne is not an insurance product. ClearOne is provided by GAI Warranty Company, a non-insurance member of Great American Insurance Group.