Trade Payables Financing Policy provides coverage to a bank against nonpayment of trade accounts payables due from a single obligor to a single or multiple sellers of goods or services. The bank is the policy's named insured.

Financing Structure

A possible financing structure is where a client of the bank, which is the buyer of goods and services, approaches the bank to finance the payment of its trade credit payables due to one or multiple suppliers. The bank pays the suppliers and creates a direct obligation to it from the buyer under a financing agreement. Benefits to buyer can include earning an early payment discount from suppliers and receiving longer term payable financing. The total term must remain within normal credit terms for the product sale. Please read the brochure for more details.

  • Up to 90% coverage
  • Bank is the policyholder
  • Premiums payable only on actual fundings
  • Non-cancelable* limits during the policy period
  • Minimum premium of $10,000

*Non-cancelable limits: subject to policy terms and conditions, after issuing the policy the insurer may not unilaterally reduce any country or buyer limits, except for non-payment of premiums.