Is it important for you to choose your customer?

Our Discretionary Credit Limit (DCL) is a core feature of our multibuyer policy product that allows you to qualify the majority of your buyers for coverage on your own and to maintain control of important customer relationships. With a DCL, you don't have to outsource these business decisions to your credit insurance company.

The DCL is designed for companies that have at least one or more credit or financial professionals on staff managing their accounts receivable.

  • Easy and flexible options to qualify buyers
  • Qualifying options likely fit into your existing receivables management
  • No buyer limit underwriting fees
  • No restrictive caps on DCL losses
  • Long and successful track record of adjusting claims that develop under the DCL

Let us partner with you in managing your customer relationships and accounts receivable portfolio.

Qualifying Your Buyers Under the DCL

Our DCL is stated as one Maximum DCL Amount. You can approve each buyer for a percent of the Maximum DCL Amount, from 10% up to 100%, depending on the qualifying criteria you choose. Below is a summary of the criteria:

To achieve 100% of the Maximum DCL Amount, you can use:

  • Payment experience (this option also allows you to increase credit limits based on past favorable payment experience)
  • Credit agency reports
  • Rating agency rating on the buyer
  • Audited or reviewed financial statements on the buyer

To achieve 25% of the Maximum DCL Amount, you can use:

  • Unaudited / unreviewed / interim financial statements
  • Written trade references

To achieve 10% of the Maximum DCL Amount, you can use:

  • Your good faith determination