Policies insure contracts with a private obligor against pre-shipment political risks and insolvency, and/or post-shipment nonpayment.

Pre-shipment risks include import or export embargo; buyer's country frustration of the contract; war and political violence; and insolvency of the buyer.

Post-shipment risks can include insolvency or nonpayment by the buyer or nonpayment of a letter of credit. Coverage for pre- and post-shipment risks can be combined in one policy. Private Buyer coverage does not generally include contract repudiation.

  • Non-cancelable* limits during the policy period
  • Up to 90% coverage
  • Tenor of up to five years
  • Minimum premium of $10,000

*Non-cancelable limits: subject to policy terms and conditions, after issuing the policy the insurer may not unilaterally reduce any country or buyer limits, except for non-payment of premiums.