FCIA’s Multibuyer Policies insure Nonpayment risk on a reasonable spread of your international and/or domestic receivables from sales of goods and services. All FCIA Trade Credit Insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage against nonpayment risk arising from commercial and political events.

All FCIA’s Trade Credit Insurance Policies have:

  • No buyer limit underwriting fees
  • No collection fees
  • No Caps on Losses under the DCL
  • Secure on-line access to policy information
  • Reasonable waiting periods for filing claims of 90 days after default
  • Pro-rata sharing of recoveries after claim payment with our insureds
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Who Should Apply?

Our target customers for multibuyer Trade Credit Insurance or Nonpayment Policies are companies that have at least $20 million in insurable domestic sales or $7 million in insurable international sales, or $15 million combined. If you are looking to take advantage of FCIA’s DCL coverage, the company should have at least one or more credit or financial professionals on staff managing accounts receivable. Our minimum premiums are $20,000 to $15,000, depending on product choice.

Our main Multibuyer Trade Credit Insurance Policy types are as follows:

Case Study:

A logistic company with $135 MM in sales of which $45 MM are exports is looking for financing and sales expansion.



  • 1) Some customers looking for longer than usual repayment terms.
  • 2) Bank is not comfortable with longer repayment terms and does not include the international sales in the borrowing base.
  • A Non-Cancelable Limits Policy is implemented. FCIA insures all buyer including the longer repayment terms on both domestic and internationals buyers.
  • Company can obtain financing at improved terms.
  • The cost of the policy is paid by growth in sales and lower cost of funding.