Nonprofit organizations operate under the watchful eye of many constituents and regulatory agencies.

While directors, officers and other leaders are focused on furthering the mission of the organization, their day-to-day responsibilities could put their personal assets at risk.

The Nonprofit Directors & Officers Liability Policy protects your clients and their organization from potential claims involving errors, omissions, negligence, breach of duty and other wrongful acts. With limits up to $10 million, the D&O Policy can help your clients focus on their mission without risking everything they’ve worked to achieve.

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Why Your Nonprofit Needs D&O Coverage: Claims Scenarios

Non-Profit Claim Example
A not-for-profit health and wellness organization’s former employee initiated a lawsuit against the organization and its executive director alleging violations of wage and hour laws, age discrimination, and wrongful termination. The parties engaged in settlement discussions shortly after suit was filed. The parties settled for a total of $105,000, of which $25,000 was allocated toward the alleged wage and hour violations and $80,000 was allocated toward the age discrimination and wrongful termination allegations. In addition, approximately $28,000 in defense costs were incurred.

Take a look at some more recent nonprofit claim examples.

While choosing a nonprofit insurer you need three things:

  • Competitive terms
  • Quick turnaround time
  • An established company

Great American’s Nonprofit D&O product will most likely exceed your expectations in all three areas.

Find peace of mind with management liability coverage from Great American's Executive Liability Division.

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