How many “sweet coverages” can you find?

Town of Valentown with all things covered by Great American Insurance Group

Great American offers a “hearty” number of insurance coverages related to Valentine’s Day. Can you see our eight “sweet” property and casualty coverages as you casually stroll around Valentown?

  • (1 & 5) Stop by the Love Notes gift shop to stock up on valentines, holiday gifts and other greeting cards to give to your loved ones or sweetheart. Don’t forget to pick up some red roses or carnations next door at the Be-Leaf in Love Florist. Alternative Markets’ SafePak® offering includes coverage for gift, card and flower shops.
  • (2 & 4) Looking for some beautiful “bling”? Check out Carats, Cuts & Cupid to find the perfect piece of jewelry. Fidelity / Crime offers coverage for security guards that work at fine jewelry stores. If your valentine has more of a sweet tooth, buy some “rock” candy or boxed chocolates at the Sweets-Heart Candy shop, which Alternative Markets also covers through SafePak®.
  • (3 & 6) When you need a break from shopping, sip on a glass of wine at You Had Me at Merlot wine bar or grab a sweet treat at the Butter Together Bakery. Alternative Markets offers coverage for specialty food and beverage retailers, such as coffee and pastry shops, as well as wineries and vineyards through WineryPak®.
  • (7) Before you end your lovely day, enjoy viewing some beautiful paintings, photography and other artwork at the Art of the Heart Gallery. Fidelity / Crime offers fine art insurance, which covers museums, galleries and private collections, while Alternative Markets offers coverage for photographers and photography equipment.