We Have It Covered - A Day at the Races


On May 7, May 21 and June 11, 2022, the three biggest horse racing events of the spring take place, and we have it covered! Great American offers a wide variety of protection from the horses in the race to those who catch the photo finish. Learn more about the property and casualty coverages we offer for a day at the races.

  1. Photographer: Alternative Markets provides coverage for photography equipment.
  2. Flowers: Alternative Markets’ SafePak® program offers coverage for flower shops. AgriBusiness® offers coverage for greenhouses that grow flowers.
  3. Horses: Equine Mortality provides medical and mortality coverage for horses.
  4. Farms and ranches: AgriBusiness® provides coverages for farms and ranches that care for horses on their property. In addition, the division also offers policies for individual horse owners and race horse owners.
  5. Wine and spirits: Alternative Markets’ WineryPak® and LiquorPak® programs offer customized insurance solutions for wineries, vineyards and distilleries.
  6. Race track betting: Fidelity / Crime offers coverage for gaming establishments against loss resulting from employee theft, robbery, computer fraud and more.
  7. Private jet: Aviation offers coverage for non-standard pilots that may fly private jets for guests to the event.
Other Coverages:
Property & Inland Marine offers coverage for cargo of items being shipped to the race. This may include truckloads of concession items, hats, souvenirs and equipment on the way to the event.
Accident & Health (pomi) covers spectators who attend races, as well as adults and children who participate in horseback riding lessons and attend camps.