We Have it Covered: Recreation Under the Rays

7 things Great American covers so you fell covered.

Great American offers a wide range of coverages for all things summer. See if you can spot these property and casualty coverages we offer.

  1. Ocean Marine offers coverage for yachts and marinas, while Fidelity / Crime offers Kidnap & Ransom coverage to yacht owners. Environmental offers coverage for pollution releases arising from operations at the marina.
  2. Property & Inland Marine offers commercial property coverage, such as the hotel on the beach, while Fidelity / Crime offers coverage for fine art collections on display in the hotels. Environmental offers coverage for mold, legionella and pollution releases associated with all buildings.
  3. Cyber Risk offers coverage for point of sale transactions at the beachside café. Strategic Comp, Summit and Republic Indemnity provide workers’ comp insurance at the seaside cage, while Fidelity / Crime provides coverage for employee dishonestly and burglary & robbery coverage.
  4. Fidelity / Crime offers cash in transit coverage for the armored car companies who usually service concessionaires.
  5. Property & Inland Marine offers special floater coverage or rental coverage for the beach chairs and umbrellas.
  6. Specialty Human Services and Fidelity / Crime provide coverage for summer youth camps.
  7. Property & Inland Marine offers special floater coverage for golf carts.