With billions of dollars of cargo crisscrossing our nation’s highways each year, trucking carriers and owner-operators face enormous risks on every run. They assume a huge financial responsibility for the property they haul. Anything from an accident to theft or a refrigeration breakdown could result in serious financial loss. 

Are Your Clients Covered?

In trucking, there’s no room for unplanned stops. Great American Insurance Group can help keep your clients rolling with our Motor Truck Cargo Carrier’s Liability Coverage. It provides broad protection and peace of mind against risks uniquely associated with transporting cargo.

  • Earned Freight Charges – Up to $2,500 separate from other Limits of Insurance
  • Debris Removal Expenses – Up to $5,000 separate from other Limits of Insurance
  • Reloading Expenses – Up to $5,000 separate from other Limits of Insurance
  • “Transit” defined to include ordinary, reasonable and necessary stops, interruptions, delays or transfers incidental to the route and method of shipment
  • “Loading” & “Unloading” – Included when immediately adjacent to the transporting conveyance
  • Coverage endorsements that address a number of specialized operations, including Auto Haulers, Couriers and others

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Optional Coverages Available

  • Spoilage or Freezing
  • Plus Endorsement provides $25,000 Blanket Limit for: Debris Removal, Reloading, Towing, Traffic Control & Security and $10,000 Earned Freight, $25,000 Fire Department Service Charge, $2,500 Reward Coverage, $1,000 Loss Data Preparation Coverage
  • Diminishing Deductible
  • Non-Owned Container & Trailer Interchange Coverage
  • Owner’s Goods Extension
  • Pollutant Clean Up and Removal

In addition to coverage tailored to the needs of your client, you also get our specialized and dedicated cargo claims team handling any cargo claim.