FCIA's Key Accounts Policy offers comprehensive non-payment coverage on international and/or domestic sales made to your largest buyers during the policy period. The policy provides "locked-in" country and buyer credit limits. Coverage limits cannot be changed by us during the policy period. No additional fees are charged for buyer limit underwriting. Typically, 80% of the annual estimated premium is paid at policy issuance and is non-refundable.

  • Country and buyer limits are non-cancelable
  • Low policy administration
  • No or low deductibles
  • Up to 90% indemnity

Spread of Risk

The number of buyers in this policy type usually ranges from 2-20. All buyers are approved by FCIA and endorsed to the policy. Credit limits for additional buyers can be requested during the policy. Eligible countries are endorsed to the policy. Eligible credit terms can be up to 180 days. Slightly longer credit terms are available for capital equipment.

Eligible Goods and Services

All goods and services are eligible for coverage including any that are produced partially or entirely abroad. Shipments may originate from the United States or another country. This also includes insuring receivables arising from sales of goods manufactured or invoiced by foreign subsidiaries.

For more details, please click on the Non-Cancelable Limits Policy brochure.