FCIA's Single Buyer Medium Term Lease Policies provide coverage to capital equipment lessors and financial institutions against loss on a capital lease with one lessee. Coverage is available on lessees worldwide, and in a variety of forms tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Non-cancelable limits during the policy period
  • Covers lease of capital goods with one- to seven-year repayment terms
  • Regular lease payment generally required during the payment term
  • Insured percentage is typically up to 90%
  • Premium is charged on the declining exposure balance and is usually payable in full at policy inception
  • The waiting period to file claim is generally 180 days from date of default
  • The lessee must be the end-user of the product
  • Operating leases not eligible

Who Should Apply?

Our target customers are companies that have at least $1 million in insurable domestic or international lease obligations. Our minimum premium is $20,000 and payable at policy inception.