Working in our Community: Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) Week of Service


Photo citation: IICF Week of Giving

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) hosted its annual Week of Giving, an eight-day volunteer program that brings together industry-wide insurance professionals to service a variety of projects and nonprofit community organizations. This year our Environmental Division had the opportunity to participate in several of these charitable events.

Sponsoring the IICF Philadelphia Chapter, the Great American Environmental team kicked off the Week of Giving at the Punch Line Trivia Event. With three rounds of various trivia topics, the event allowed for a full night of friendly competition and networking opportunities among participants. Following the IICF Trivia Night, several members of our Environmental Division gathered early morning to partake in the Shoreline Cleanup and Restoration Project at Randall’s Island. The day consisted of volunteers working together to improve the community by removing excess trash and eliminating invasive species like mugworts and phragmites from the surrounding area.

Environmental Division Team

Photograph left to right: top row: Tom Heft, John L’Abbate, Erin Murphy, Eric Fernandes, Wiley Houldin, BobbiAnn Murphy, Eric McCabe, Kent Pollaro, Olivia Derderian, Alec Alsofrom, Linda Campbell, Sarah Boucherka

holding butterfly Photo taken by Alec Alsofrom, Underwriter

Sarah Boucherka, an Associate Underwriter on the National Underwriting Team, expressed how we should continue to get involved with any community opportunities around the area. “It’s a great way to practice our strong company moral and encourage team building” Sarah said.

Overall both events received outstanding feedback from all volunteers. Giving back and protecting the environment is something we greatly value here at Great American. We are excited to continue our annual attendance and serve our community with such an impactful organization.

Thank you to IICF for hosting such a collaborative week full of events!

If you are interested in helping with this organization, there ways you can get involved:

  • Support IICF by contributing to the organization with financial donations
  • Sign up and become a sponsor for a volunteer event at an IICF Division