Employee Spotlight

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Great American’s Environmental Division is excited to recognize and congratulate the following team member promotions. Thank you for your hard work and continued contribution to our team’s success!

Kevin Rega

Kevin Rega promoted to Production Underwriting Supervisor

“Kevin consistently steps up to take on new challenges and greatly assists our team through his strong relationships and knowledge around complex exposures. He is always happy to assist with new projects and is an indispensable part of my team.”

Kevin Rega

Walter Holm promoted to Production Underwriter

“Walter has really grown as an underwriter since he first joined the Division. He is a reliable part of the team and aways willing to jump into accounts and assist fellow underwriters with overflow – a generous characteristic which cannot be overlooked given how busy we all continue to be.”

Thank you to both Kevin and Walter for all the great you do for the Division!
-Rich Viglianese, Divisional Assistant Vice President